Build lasting

The most complete range of equipment to protect men and women in their workplace and in all risk situations. A portfolio with internationally renowned brands, synonymous of excellence, safety and ergonomics, these are the common denominators of our offer.

In the Healthcare area, we move to the forefront to offer healthcare professionals products and solutions that can improve clinical results, optimize costs and provide the best response to the patient.

Diagnostic, tracking and prevention solutions in the main therapeutic and health areas. In-vitro diagnostic tests (IVD), aimed at healthcare professionals, enabling an innovative approach to quickly and accurately diagnosing diseases to meet the needs of their patients.

A wide range of beauty products to use in the comfort of your own home. We are driven by the challenge of constantly winning over our customers, offering effective and safe solutions. We combine innovation, research and responsibility to enhance beauty and care for the planet.

We seek, evaluate and select the best products and solutions for aesthetic and beauty professionals. We develop and sell innovative products that help professionals in their daily lives with their “most demanding clients”. Exclusive for Professionals.

Our activities range from the hardware industry to household items, from the furniture industry to interior decoration and mechanical applications. The Globiprotec Industrial team offers support and assistance to all customers and is able to study and develop customized solutions for each challenge.

Every day we try to ensure that every purchase in our online store is a perfect experience from the first click to opening the box at home. Carefully chosen, modern and credible products for mother and baby, which help parents in their day-to-day life with their “little superheroes”.




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